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 Campus Exhibition 2015 : Paris 8  


Kunst Universität, Hauptpltaz 8, 4010 Linz, Austria
Near the Danube, at the end of the Hauptstrasse, after the Nibelungenbrücke (Nibelungen bridge)

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L671 + LS699 : Stop Linz/Donau Obere Donaulände (Nibelungenbrücke):



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From: 11am To: 09pm

The 2015 Ars Electronica Festival is being staged at multiple locations in Linz—they’re only a few streetcar stops apart, or you can walk it in several minutes. The Ars Electronica Center on the Danube is the northernmost point; the former post & packet distribution center, the PostCity, is furthest south. For more information please visit the link at the Ars Electronica website