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Étudiants Master ATI & doctorants INRéV

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For thirty years, the “Arts et Technologies de l'Image” (ATI) department at Paris 8 University has been giving broad-based training in computer graphics providing openings in several creative fields.

Be they experimental projects made over several months (master 2nd year) or intensive projects completed in just three weeks (master 1st year), the films in this selection illustrate a teaching philosophy based on the acquisition of both artistic and technical skills.

Film Projection occurs in 3 places at the ground floor: 1) The ATI’s Parade: on the back wall of the great room, this first projection place shows the wide diversity of animation movies: cartoons, special effects, artistic attempts and experimentations. 2) City Life Movies: shown on the opposite end of the room, the movies tell us a vision, sometimes real or imaginative, of the city dwellers in Paris. 3) Post Natural: In this small room where behavioral objects wander freely, the movies, displayed here, represent Nature or are inspired by living processes. They transport us into an artifact universe that is both natural and artificial.

In a fourth stand, located on the 2nd floor, are shown films that were made in the early years of 3D computer graphics images; they are the result of technological research of that time.

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Best of Animated Films of ATI - Post Nature

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Best of Animated Films of ATI - ATI’s Parade

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Best of Animated Films of ATI - City Life Movies

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