Campus Exhibition 2015 : Paris 8  

The Campus Exhibition event organised by Paris 8 University presents thirty years of digital research and creative work, from pioneering artists and researchers in the early years to young contemporary artists today. It is divided into five categories:

1. 3D CGI film screenings;

2. Interactive art installations and experimental videogames;

3. Digital literature and generative poetry;

4. Virtual reality systems and augmented interactive books;

5. Behavioural objects and sensorial prototypes.

The exhibition perfectly coincides with the determination of Paris 8 to showcase its dynamism in the digital field by naming 2015 the year of “Université 8.0: Le pari numérique !” [University 8.0: the digital challenge!]

Since it was founded forty-five years ago, Paris 8 University in Vincennes has asserted its central presence in artistic disciplines. A strong dynamic of interdisciplinary research has fostered a significant body of artistic work and led to the emergence of research groups and teams particularly active in the digital field. The Arts et Technologies de l’Image (
ATI) department grew up around pioneers of computer art in France. As well as artistic and scientific experiments, the Image Numérique et Réalté Virtuelle (INRéV) team carries out research that opens up perspectives created by the emergence of interactive virtual stages. The Esthétique des Nouveaux Médias (EdNM) team worked on interactivity in art; now called Théorie Expérimentation Arts Médias et Design (TEAMeD), it has extended the scope of its research to include new relational modalities via the use and invention of mainly electronic and digital technology. The founders of the Paragraphe team have taken part in the development of the concepts of hypertext and hypermedia both in France and abroad. The Pratiques Textuelles Numériques (PTN) and Création et Edition Numériques (CEN) master’s programmes have now opened up their field of inquiry to include all information technologies, from mobile devices to augmented reality.

For the last five years, Paris 8 has offered a unique framework and a privileged environment for research initiatives: the Laboratoire d’Excellence: Arts et Médiations Humaines (
Labex Arts H2H) and the Initiative d’Excellence en Formations Innovantes: Création et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (IDEFI CréaTIC) are funded by French government investment programmes and are original transdisciplinary research and training initiatives rooted firmly in the 21st century and focusing on digital art as it relates to the human and social sciences.

This rich panorama illustrates the expertise and thinking of Paris 8 University in the field of Digital Art and New Media.

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  • YMS3adJbqt1pjNysh9QK1473335629.jpg

    Chath'a: La Danse de...

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  • rAgfWph5anmdQb8PZjJs1473336286.jpg

    Vivarium – Solar I...

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  • XsYmidCbEurvBptG3RDJ1473337578.jpg

    Pekin pour Mémoire

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  • DYoBc4vKpsz0JWLnUFta1473337716.jpg

    Painting Beings

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  • ijqV4my3cTe97P1dHgIR1473338154.jpg

    Digital Vocabulary

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